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Jessica Critical Care - 0.5 oz
Intensive Care for Soft Nails Sets a new standard for boosting growth and strength of severely w..
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Jessica Diamonds - Dazzle
Glistening Topcoat A protective topcoat that features genuine diamond particles. Helps prevent chip..
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Jessica Life Jacket -  0.5 oz
Protects Active Nails A unique blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro and natural fibers th..
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Jessica Flawless
Hides Ridges and Imperfections Smooths the nail surface fully, creating an excellent bond between..
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Jessica Top Priority
Glazing Ultraseal Topcoat A technologically advanced topcoat that reinforces the therapeutic val..
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LeChat Nobility™ Top Gel Sealer
Perfect viscosity for quick and easy applications, ultra shine, quick and easy soak off, great addit..
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Seche Vite™
Seche Vite™ dry fast top coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Specially formu..
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