Nail Strengthener

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Jessica Bend Don't Break
Natural Nail Treatment A revolutionary nail complex formulated to maximize strength and flexibility..
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Jessica Life Jacket -  0.5 oz
Protects Active Nails A unique blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro and natural fibers th..
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Jessica Nail Cure - Liquid Strength
Step 1 - Liquid Strength An extremely concentrated nail fortifier infused with a unique complex ..
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Jessica Nail Cure - Pure Maintenance
Step 2 - Pure Maintenance A hydrating complex of Hyaluronic Acid, deep conditioning Vitamin E an..
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Jessica Nibble No More
Stops Nail Biting A fast and effective treatment formulated with bitter Cactus Extract giving nails..
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Jessica After Acrylic
Another fantastic Nail Problem kit from the 'restore-a-nail' range by Jessica Nails. You can chose w..
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Jessica At Home
Don’t we all wish that our nails can keep looking as if we just left the salon? JESSICA, manicurist ..
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Jessica Coat of Armour
Natural Nail Shield State-of-the art resin and polymer combinations create a hard, durable prote..
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Jessica French Twist
Everything you need to create your own perfect French manicure. Kit includes midi sizes of Reward, B..
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Jessica Recovery
Basecoat for Brittle Nails A breakthrough for brittle, breaking nails. This moisture-restoring co..
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